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Kyrbyrius, Purifier of Planets
Been wanting to get my Kirby cosmic groove on for a long time, so it should come as no surprise that this guy's name is pays homage to Jack himself!
Sergei Borzkoff is called MAGNUM, the exiled son of a Russian crime family, able to manipulate the mass of any given field of matter and rapidly increase or decrease it, including his own physical form. This gives him the power to make things super-dense or super-immaterial (within a gravitational environment those things become super-heavy or super-light). By extension he can make those same things generate their own attracting or repelling gravity field. Sergei is able to apply these effects on his own form as well without adverse effects. These forces are difficult to wield with precision but Magnum is improving every day. By precision manipulation of air and personal mass, Sergei can create a mass-phasing wave that emulates flight. Growing up in a crime family, Sergei has adopted an insensitive, self-centered, arrogant and cocky demeanor, but he is fiercely loyal to those he acknowledges as team mates.…
Hey there, fellow creators. A-Rock puts a sorcerous twist to the usual techno-tropes. When Australian aboriginal physicist Bruno Trumble and a greedy rival became engaged in a battle for his very life atop Ayers Rock, they both tumbled into a crevasse that opened a secret chamber sealed for millenia. Intelligent technology stored by the gods immediately began attaching itself to both combatants, mystical extensions of their will. Bruno would use his sorcerous enhancements for good, his dark adversary, for personal gain. The result for Bruno Trumble is the hero, A-ROCK, a supremely powerful exo-armor blend of magic and science that draws its prodigious strength and durability from the iconic Ayers Rock of Australia and the earth upon which it stands, fueling unparalleled strength, speed, flight, reality-searing optic blasts and more. Able to tap into the powers of primordial ancestral gods, the exo-armor also enables Bruno to channel the reality-bending energies of the aboriginal Dreamtime dimension. Aborigines have maintained a low-tech, primal facade for years, but have secretly combined magic and supranatural technology to build a vast highly-advanced labyrinthine civilization underneath Ayers Rock that is the Atlantis or Hydropotamia of our day.
Meet WARFORCE-1, a suit of the most powerful weaponized alien technologies ever captured for Area 51 and piloted by Secret Service agent William Jace. When aliens began exterminating world leaders, an unauthorized Jace irreversibly bonded with the alien technologies, and foiled their plans. But now the government wants their technology back while other nations just want it, period. The armor uses quantum chroniton pulse-chaining to quickly replenish 94% of energies expelled. The suit's exo-shell is composed of nanotubed armoridium, the hardest substance known to mankind. It's weapons array consists of four trolithium munitions pulsers, four psi-grenade clusters, dual isolytic concussor beams, six thalaron thermal induction coil disruptors and ten rounds of gravimetric shock cascaders. Since it utilizes cutting edge energies, the suit is also equipped with omnion phased radiation dampers. The suit has a 6 month life support system for its occupant but it can be controlled remotely as well. It comes with a full heads up tactical sensory and targeting array. The suit’s communications net bypasses satellite tech and piggybacks on Earth’s electromagnetic fields. Suit can lift 100 tons with concentrated bursts that can far exceed that. Warforce can sustain a top speed of Mach 14 to escape Earth’s gravity and traverse space where transphasic aceton assimilators deliver faster than light speed and space-coupler warp jumps. Jace is a one-man raptor squadron and far beyond, but just how far??


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Eric Linquist
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, folks! I'm the owner of a start-up Comic Book Company called Leading Edge Comics! Have released two issues of ANGEL Corps: Alliance Nations Guarding Earth Life! The group site for ANGEL Corps is here:
A free ANGEL CORPS Webcomic is in progress on my internet site! To check it out, go here!:

I also do comic book art of all your favorites right here! More, much more, to come! I do commissions, write, script, pencil, ink, color, brainstorm, sweat and more, so yeah, I'm busy as hell! :laughing: Stay tooned!

Current Residence: O-Town aka Orlando
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL on Shirts
Favourite genre of music: Southern Rock, Alternative Rock
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams, Irving Penn, Herman Leonard
Favourite style of art: Comic Book Stylings
Operating System: Windows 10
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Favourite cartoon character: Zok from the Herculoids
Personal Quote: Life is Short, get ya some Lifts.

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Just got back from a week in Vegas, baby, Vegas! And though they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, I'm going to share a little anyway. Temperatures were off the chain ranging from the low 90s to highs of 116! It is true that it's a dry heat and what a difference that makes, although it still feels like you're strolling through a freaking oven! I didn't sweat once in Vegas whereas in Florida it's so humid that I sweat after 5 minutes in 86 degree weather! lol!  Madame Tussaud's wax museum had a cool as hell 4-D Marvel experience that lasted about ten minutes featuring Spidey and the Avengers! It was extremely well-done and I highly recommend it! Also, they have a life-size Hulk-Buster armor set-up standing out front! It is effing awesome!! We rented a bad-ass BMW 3 Series did the hell out of a bunch of hotels on the strip, checked out Red Rock Canyon and saw the Cirque du Soleil MJ tribute show. This was my 3rd time out to Vegas and it never disappoints! My gambling winnings? I lost $1.95 only. That's a win, man, trust me! lol!  
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